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Who We Are and What We Stand For

Our name Morpheos comes from the Greek Gods Morpheus – God of Dreams – and Eos – Goddess of the Dawn. Morpheos stands for the awakening of human consciousness: “from dream to dawn”. If we morph our dreams into the dawn and wake up from a dreamlike state by making a shift in our consciousness, we unfold a new perception of reality.


Morpheos stands for the awakening of human consciousness: “from dream to dawn”.


In Greek mythology Morpheus is a God of Dreams who appears in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Morpheus has the ability to mimic any human form and to appear in dreams. His true semblance is that of a winged daemon, an imagery shared with many of his siblings.


Eos, “dawn”, is the Goddess of the Dawn, who rose each morning from her home at the edge of the Oceanus. Eos had a brother and a sister, Helios, God of the Sun, and Selene, Goddess of the Moon.

David Kombrink

David Kombrink

The people-side of business and organizations has always been an important motivational driver. For making change effective and sustainable it needs to be personal. Therefore supporting leaders and teams to build trust-based relationships, creating  alignment and passion for shared and meaningful goals and the willingness for learning and growing are the main ingredients of my work for and with clients.

Above all leadership for me is leading by example for which awareness of one’s own mindset and behaviour is key.

Taking ownership, being accountable for whatever you do, feel and think and practice what you preach are leading principles.

For over 20 years I have been working as an advisor and facilitator for corporate clients and professional service firms. Transforming the leadership culture in teams and organizations is my main focus. I co-founded Morpheos, a cooperation of passionate professionals with a shared purpose of working together in the field of change leadership and transformation.

I hold degrees in Arts & Culture Sciences and Economics & Management and did a PhD in Organizational Culture and Change, both at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Over the course of the years, I have been trained in leadership and transformation programs by Gita Bellin, a leading expert in behavioral and cultural transformation.

Together with my wife, two sons and daughter I live in a small village close to Amsterdam. I enjoy cycling, walking in nature and being in silence. Besides I am fascinated by the unlimited potential of human consciousness.

Mark Tigchelaar

Mark Tigchelaar

I have dedicated my life to people finding their inner drives and higher potential. Going beyond external pressures, people can create lives and organizations that are meaningful to themselves, the people around them and to the world at large. And experience magical performance levels, which is fun and awe-inspiring.

Crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat at 18 and going down the Amazon river with local boats I had strong experiences of happiness and tranquility and of sensing my own inner drive.

The study of Economics gave me inside into the power and increasing limitations of the thinking that has such a dominant influence in our world. After my studies I worked with Shell and Digital Equipment in Strategy and Marketing to learn about life inside international corporations and I discovered the fields of organizational learning and systems thinking. During this time competitive sailing in yachts and dinghies became a passion for life.

In 1992 I began to work as an organizational consultant, with Boer & Croon, McKinsey & Company, and as of 2002 independently. All over the world I have worked with leading thinkers, teachers and practitioners in leadership-, team- and organizational transformation going beyond the rational domain. Joseph Jaworski and Gita Bellin standing out among them. I sharpened my vision of organizations of the future. Silence, dialogue and nature came to be powerful ingredients in my work. As a co-founder of the Foundation for Natural Leadership I went on to shape its mission and programs and lead leadership trails in Africa and later on in Scotland. Chief Quaw has awarded me the honor to use the term “Vision Quest” in my work after a life shifting quest in 2010 in the Canadian Wilderness.

After a multiyear retreat from client work and travelling, my current focus is on leadership for a new world and the shift from money to meaning. I coach leaders, teams, facilitators and young entrepreneurs, who are looking to contribute and are keen to foster their heart and soul in a performance-oriented environment. Increasingly, sportfishing on big waters in a physically active manner has become a passion and vital source of health and connection to stillness.

Kathrin Dahm

Kathrin Dahm

I am passionate about designing and facilitating effective interventions around leadership development and transformation. I support people and organizations to thrive by designing learning environments that enable people to get truly connected with themselves and their own sense of purpose, which leverage meaningful human connection and collaboration. I consider this to be a key driver for business success. I believe in the potential of people to learn and grow.

My clients attest me a strength to understand the human and environmental context of those I serve. And to to create an atmosphere of openness and trust allowing real transformation.

I acquired my skills in 18 years of experience in diverse areas of Human Resources Management. Working in the Aerospace and Automotive Industry I held leading roles in HR Change Management, leadership training and development, organizational and personnel development, global talent management and diversity and gained sound experience as HR senior business partner before becoming a facilitator and coach. I lived in the US for 1 year and in France for 9 years and am experienced in delivering to and working with multicultural teams.

I hold a diploma in Business Management & Sports of the University of Bayreuth in Germany, as well as a Master in Management & Organizational Development from the Private University Vienna in Austria. I am a certified European Business Coach, an accredited and certified MBTI, Belbin, Tetra Map and Emotional Intelligence Coach as well as a Facilitator of Transformation through Values (FTV).

I live in the mountains which is my source of grounding, energy and rejuvenation. I love hosting friends and people who are seeking for a space to (re)connect to themselves. I enjoy conversations from the heart, a good laugh and cooking & eating. Staying healthy and balanced is important to me. I am mountain-biking, running, doing cross-fit as well as hiking, yoga and meditation.

Nicole Toorenaar

Nicole Toorenaar

What inspires me most is to see the shiny eyes of people when they get in touch with their own designated purpose. I believe that in every person there is this great and magical potential. I am intrigued by group dynamics and the power of personal leadership in business transformations.

Clients respect me for quickly understanding and addressing the underlying patterns of organizational- and team dynamics and translate this to what that means on a personal level.

During my 20 years of being an organisational psychologist I gained in-depth experience in facilitating complex change from a cultural transformation perspective and previously worked as a consultant for Accenture, ABN Amro, Aon Hewitt, Aberkyn & McKinsey.

In 2013 I started my own practice with the desire to help create meaningful change in organizations from a whole system perspective and develop the leadership for the future. I facilitated and designed different leadership & cultural change development programs at an executive level for different clients.

I hold a degree in clinical neuropsychology from the University of Tilburg and I am certified for several 360º personal and cultural development tools (Barrett, OCAI, Profile Dynamics, Hogan). I am a certified facilitator of transformational change.

I live in Abcoude together with Rob, my husband, and our three children, Thijn, Julie and Lynn. I enjoy long walks in nature, yoga, singing and reading but what I love the most is spending time with my family and friends.

Reinier Tilanus

Reinier Tilanus

Working with people and supporting their growth, both individually as well as in teams, are the main motivators in my work. The diversity within and between people, and their ability to find their own solutions always inspires and humbles me.

Liberating that power generates energy, better business results and inspiration, both for the client as well as for me.

To create results, I love to employ both right and left brain approaches, facts and feelings, humor and analysis. Trust is the cornerstone of my approach.

For sixteen years I worked for Unilever in management positions, both internationally as well as at director level. In 2007 I founded my own company in coaching, training and interim management and have since then worked in a diverse range of industries and countries. Continuous learning and personal development are two essential pillars in my life.

By training, I am a process engineer in Food Technology from Wageningen University (1988). Beyond that I have studied and gained experience with ITIP, MMS coach training and facilitation, facilitation of transformation through Gita Bellin & Associates and Corporate Evolution, non-violent communication with Marshall Rosenberg and Family and Business Constellations at the Bert Hellinger Institute.

I cherish my marriage to my wife Joke and our home in Arnhem. My daily (Buddhist) meditation practice is another indispensable source of inspiration, besides my beloved violin, yoga and playing squash. Through regular (solitary) retreats I deepen my awareness and regenerate energy. Additionally I am a board member for the charity fund FondsDBL and for several Buddhist organizations.

Anouk Holsboer

Anouk Holsboer

‘Human side of change’ coach. That is how I would describe myself and what energizes me. I am passionate about designing and facilitating programs, connecting people, engaging managers & teams and coaching them towards ownership for personal change. I am able to combine a rational, structured approach and the soft, sensitive approach to engage and connect people for change.

I strongly believe in the power of purpose, congruence and simplicity.

I have 20+ years experience in human resources management, leadership development, organizational development, (international) transformation and HR project and change management. I have worked in a wide range of business environments (profit and non-profit firms) in- and outside the Netherlands, and working experience with employees at all levels: from C-level to staff level.

In 2012, I started my own practice, providing support to organisations in the area of leadership development, organisational development, team development, culture & change management.

I hold a degree in Work- and Organisational Psychology from the University of Amsterdam and I am trained as a coach and facilitator by Phoenix Opleidingen. In addition, I am a certified career coach.

I live in a small village south of Amsterdam in an ancient dikehouse along the river Amstel, together with my husband and our 2 daughters and son. There, we enjoy the quiet of our orchard, swimming and cruising with our boat and fresh eggs from our chicken.

Morpheos supports you in your leadership challenges for change.