Conscious Leadership
for a New World

We are passionate people who support leaders in business and society to grow in consciousness and to create a meaningful and humanly connected world.

Leadership starts with our Consciousness

Leadership is all about Consciousness. That is our starting point. The shift starts with every leader. As we look at the world with conscious awareness, the world transforms and magic starts to happen.


Conscious Leaders are accountable

To be a Conscious Leader in our life we need to be accountable for our inner state and behavior. Then for interacting with other people, in teams, organizations and society. Being a Conscious Leader offers a way to creating a new world.

“Change the way you look at the world
and the world you look at changes.”

Creating Meaning, Trust and Drive

Many teams and organizations in business and society hold a vast, untapped potential for Human Beings. Morpheos unleashes human potential and offers the opportunity to open up to an inspiring, unfolding future. We assist leaders to accelerate the power of human creativity, imagination and drive to explore a meaningful working life and to build trust and excitement around a purposeful direction in their teams, organizations, and in society.



Growing Collective Consciousness

In today’s world the forces of digitalization, globalization and the shift in sustainability are accelerating all at once, transforming the way we live and work. As we evolve in our Consciousness we enhance our ability to adapt to these challenges.

There is a growing understanding that we limit ourselves should we go on to divide, de-humanize and pollute our world out of fear, ignorance, and anger. Currently throughout the world people take initiatives – initially on a small scale – which contribute to a humanly connected and sustainable society. The shaping of a new world becomes clearly visible. We are partners in this shaping.


Conscious Leaders unleash the true powers of people and become guardians of our planet and species.


People across the world are searching for meaningfulness in their lives. This search for meaning leads to a positive use of technology, information and connectivity. There is a great movement throughout human society that will restore the balance for a livable and honorable planet for future generations.

Morpheos supports you, your team and your organization on your journey to Conscious Leadership. Together, we build a Conscious Society.

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Should you create a new world

What would it look like?